To show the citizensand visitors of Hesperange  the specifics of the municipality, the local authorities in collaboration with the "Geschichtsfrënn an der Gemeng Hesper" decided in 2002 to set up complementary educational trails; the first one was formerly set up in Howald.

The beginning was made in 2003 with a circuit of 6.9 km in Hesperange / South - Alzingen - Fentange. People can discover interesting facts about nature, culture and the history of the commune on the signboards.

The local development, the historic village life, the history of the churches and parishes, the importance of Hesperange castle, the former Fentange mill and an old crucifix along the road are some of the various topics of this trail.

The ecology, nature and landscape in and around Hesperange, like for example the renaturation auf Alzette-river, the oak-hornbeamforest, the “Mardellen” and the “Duelemerbaach” are explicitely described.

Formerly important institutions like the fountains “Kéibuer” and “Kléngelbuer” or the secundary railway “Jangeli” are treated as well as the modern infrastructures like the commune-house with the parc, Centre Civique and the camping area.

Everybody on this trail is taught not only the cultural heritage und the local history, but as well is shown a regard on today’s village of Hesperange. The educational trail is definitely an increase of touristic value for our village.