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Luxembourg, like our commune, is living in a historic moment. Our daily lives are upside down, many stores and all of our schools are closed and many people have to stay at home.


Friends of History would be happy to receive photos of your daily life for our archives. We would be delighted to obtain photos taken in the municipality of Hesperange, which show eg telework, abandoned streets, parks and schools, closed restaurants and cafes, queues and empty shelves in supermarkets etc.

If you want to help us on a voluntary basis, share your photos of confinement with us on

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on

We of course need your name and your consent to be able to publish these photos for the needs of our association (articles, brochures, books…).

Please do not send us your photos via Facebook or Messenger!

IMPORTANT: We must all stay at home and are only allowed to travel for the bare minimum. Follow our government's #BLEIFTDOHEEM guidelines. We do not accept photos from people who do not follow these guidelines.